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African Chant was a game played on the American edition of Whose Line. Essentially a specialised version of Song Styles, the game involved Wayne Brady singing to a member of the audience in the style of an African chant with backup provided by the other three performers. Wayne would often wonder aloud, "Why do I have to do the African Chant?" to which Carey once quipped back, "Because Colin would mess it up."

The game was notable for the fact that the other performers - invariably caucasian - would demonstrate a lack of rhythm, at one point causing Wayne to "apologise to everyone in Africa" and at another having him add in a lyric hoping for better backups. Nonetheless, the backup performers (Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and either Greg Proops or Kathy Greenwood) threw themselves into the role wholeheartedly.

One rendition of the game led to Drew Carey's gaffe that "Africa is a big country in the middle of the world", to which Greg Proops responded "It's also a big continent if you're a geographer". Later in the same taping, a game of Song Styles featured a geography teacher, with predictable results.

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