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Alphabet (also known as 90 Second Alphabet or One Minute Alphabet) was a game played on the British and American editions of Whose Line.

The game was played as a scene in which each line had to begin with the next letter in the alphabet - starting and ending at a letter determined by the audience. This letter tended to be an uncommon one when found word-initially and therefore caused difficulty for the performers.

Early in the American edition, the game had become a frequent episode-ending game with Drew Carey involved, although he appeared particularly weak in the lightning-fast "90 Second" version, which was actually timed. Ryan Stiles, on the other hand, had turned into a specialist on the rarer letters, often talking about "Xavier Hollander" and "Xerox copies", even when the lines made no sense.

One memorable game on the British edition featured Tony Slattery and Mike McShane, with Mike having turned himself into a fly. Tony, famous for his dirty mind, played up to this role by grinning mischievously when the opportunity arose to swear, before turning a line into an innocuous request to "F...Flip off, will you!"


  • During the 2011 Comic Relief special, Josie Lawrence briefly mentioned her past struggles with the game by declaring, "This was always the game I couldn't do".