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Audition was a short-lived game played on the British edition of Whose Line.

One player, usually Ryan Stiles, plays the role of a theatre director, with the other three performers coming in, one at a time, to audition for a new play, based on the title of two or three real movies or musicals. (West Side Story and Oklahoma! became the West Side of Oklahoma, for example.)

One of the two times it was played was memorable for the wrong reasons. Archie Hahn gave himself the chance to tapdance, so he brought tap shoes to help him dance. After the game, Clive Anderson docked 500 points from him. "It's improvisation we want. Not forward thinking."

Interestingly enough, the other time the game was played also involved an unplanned prop: George McGrath produced an unlit cigarette seemingly out of nowhere to enhance his impression of Anthony Newley. However, Clive made no mention of this and didn't dock George any points, presumably because he was still improvising his portion of the scene.