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Award Show is a US Version exclusive game in which two performers are presenters on an award show for a given absurd achievement. They announce the nominees as the camera shows random pairs of audience members. The other two performers are the winners and make an acceptance speech.

For pair ups it's usually Wayne with Greg, Brad, or Jeff(On one occasion) as the presenters; while Ryan and Colin are always the winning nominees.

Appearances and Subjects

Season 3: Episode 18

  • Hillbillies

Season 4: Episode 24

  • Obnoxious Drunks

Season 5: Episode 3

  • Frat Boys

Season 7: Episode 3

  • Bitter Divorce

Season 8: Episode 10

  • Criminals

Season 10: Episode 19

  • Jerry Springer Guests

Season 15: Episode 5

  • Tough Cops