Clive Anderson

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Clive Anderson hosted the British edition of Whose Line.

A former barrister, Clive had a famously nervous manner and tended to rely on convoluted explanations of simple games. Over the course of the show, he became a legitimate selling point in his own right - particularly with regard to his commentary on the score ("the score is boiling over, so I'll pour some water on it").

Clive became famous for three aspects of his personality. The first of these was his introduction of the contestants, often with humorous "praise" of their talents. One episode saw him introduce four contestants as "Your friend", "Your friend and mine", "His own best friend" and "Nobody's friend".

The second aspect was his ongoing feud with certain performers, particularly Tony Slattery and Greg Proops. His feud with Tony manifested itself particularly in Tony's exclamation of "Well F*** OFF" after an unsuccessful game of Party Quirks and the reaction to Tony's pants splitting in another episode (Clive claiming that Tony did it on purpose). With Greg, however, the feud stemmed from Clive's line of "Do you have [item] in America?" with the items being such mundane things as telephones and maps. Greg, who always wanted the last word, often accused Clive of confusing Whose Line with "your other show" (Clive Anderson All Talk) and on one occasion refused to open the door in a game of Party Quirks.

The third aspect of Clive's personality was his trademark signoff from the show, thanking everyone on the stage in a breathless monologue ending (as always) with "...Richard Vranch at the piano and this is me, Clive Anderson, saying goodnight. Goodnight!" This signoff was often parodied by other performers, particularly gifted impressionist Rory Bremner

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