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Courtroom Scene was a game played a few times on the British edition of Whose Line.

The game was rather chaotic, and involved all four performers taking part in a courtroom scene during a trial. One player was the prosecutor, and had to cross-examine two witnesses. The fourth player was the judge.

During the last time it was played, there was a memorable exchange between Steve Frost and Tony Slattery (who was wearing a beaverskin hat at the time). Steve asked "What were you doing on the night in question", to which Tony responded "I was inserting my head into this badger".

Also on this occasion Colin Mochrie took the role of the judge, and broke the gavel while shouting "This courtroom is a Mochrie"; a very memorable moment.

Courtroom Scene Appearances (UK)

UK Series 4: Episodes 1 and 3.
UK Series 7: Episodes 3.