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The Credits Reading was a ritual on both the British and American editions of Whose Line.

On the British edition, the "winner" or "winners" of the episode would be given the job of reading the credits in a style determined by Clive Anderson. On the first rendition of the American edition, the "prize" for the winner was moved away from this focus and the credits were read by a randomly selected performer or group of performers. (In later American episodes that didn't have a Drew game, the "winner" would once again read the credits.) Many of the styles on the American edition related to events during the episode - after Ryan Stiles was shown to be unable to whistle on cue, the credits consisted of the others giving him whistling lessons, for example. Starting Season 9 of the American edition, awarded by Aisha Tyler, the "prize" for the winner would again become the credit reading.

The British credit reading became quite an art form of itself, particularly when Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie were given the task of doing the reading. On one occasion, they were told to read the credits in the style of American sports commentators, which resulted in Ryan's line about executive producer Dan Patterson that "Dan Patterson's pulled his groin". Jokes at Patterson's expense were quite common, as his was invariably the last name in the credits.


  • Josie Lawrence holds the distinction of being the only person to read off every single name listed in the credits (while doing it in the style of a schoolmarm).