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Daytime Talk Show was a game played on the British and American versions of Whose Line.

All four players act out a talk show. One performer plays the role of host, like Oprah Winfrey or Jerry Springer. Two other improvisors play the role of guests, and the fourth performer is an audience member. Greg Proops or Brad Sherwood often played the role of host of the show. The topic of the programme is usually a fairy tale selected by the audience. The game is similiar to News Report in that fashion.

The first time the game was played, in 1997, had a different premise. The host (Josie Lawrence) had to help the other three get over their similiar problem, as chosen by the audience. That particular playing was memorable, partially because of the inclusion of Stephen Fry.

On the American version, this game was once played with all four performers as guests and audience members. This rare event was brought about by the guest appearance of Jerry Springer himself as the host.