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George Wendt made two appearances on the British edition of Whose Line.

Wendt had achieved fame on the American sitcom Cheers, but unfortunately he seemed underprepared for Whose Line. His Hoedown in particular was quite weak, where he couldn't even get the first lines to rhyme and had to resort to a "dance break," but in his defense this was an episode of the time when Colin Mochrie's hoedowns were also very weak.

His appearance is probably notable for being one of the first self-referential hoedowns, when Greg Proops sang the following (with the topic being "Space Travel"):

I like doing Hoedowns, especially in space,
I do them with antennas, I do them with lots of grace.
But tonight is really special, and I'll buy all the beers,
'Cause I'm doing a Space Hoedown next to Norm from Cheers.

George's appearances (UK)
Series 9: Episodes 7, 12 and 16