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Infomercial was a game played on the American edition of Whose Line.


The game featured Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles in a set-up similar to Home Shopping. The difference was that the product being sold was decided by the audience and had to somehow involve the random objects in a box behind the desk as part of their pitch.

In practice, there tended to be at least one object which was deemed irrelevant to the infomercial, sometimes being described as irrelevant or being laughed off as something personal. One notable exception to this was a sticky green substance, which Colin wanted to get rid of but Ryan worked into the nailcare infomercial (predominantly by banging it on the desk).

Like Home Shopping, the two would often try to force the other to come up with an idea for the prop.

Arguably the most famous rendition of this game involved a product to fight cellulite. Ryan was unable to say the word, replacing it with "celluloid" (film) and causing many odd exchanges with Colin.

One memorable game, from US-7003, involved an object that Colin apparently thought was some form of vacuum. He stuck it in Ryan's mouth and began to turn the handle, only to be stopped by a panicked Drew Carey. The object was a lighter - and Ryan looked more than a little disturbed that Colin had almost set his mouth on fire.

Another memorable game, from US-10x01, Colin and Ryan were selling ways to pick up women. Colin had brought an object out, oddly enough a sort of beaver hand puppet. Colin called it Benny the "Crack the ice" beaver. Ryan quipped with "I thought you said the crackhead beaver!" which inspired a crackhead beaver talk after the game between Colin, Ryan and Aisha.


Season 3: 6 and 35
Season 4: 2, 3, 16, and 20
Season 5: 6 and 23
Season 7: 1, 3, and 14
Season 10: Episode 1
Season 11: Episode 22
Season 12: Episode 8
Season 14: 1, 2, and 4.