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Karen Maruyama appeared in the American and British versions of Whose Line. She only made a handful of appearences, and her improvisational abilities were limited, allowing her to participate in only a number of games. In all of her appearances, Karen is always wearing a green shirt with black suspeners. While her singing skills aren't as stellar as Wayne Brady's, she did do a couple Hoedowns which was The UK Birth Hoedown and The US Tourist and Kids at a cinema Hoedown and there are surely a few more that yet remain unaired. Karen is also a member of the Groundlings. She is the first woman peformer on the american version

Karen's appearances (UK)

Series 9: Episodes 2 and 14

Series 10: Episode 3

Karen's appearances (US)

US Season 1: Episode 5

US Season 2: Episodes 28 and 32