Kathy Griffin

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Kathy Griffin made four appearances on the American version of Whose Line, playing numerous games, such as Irish Drinking Song, Newsflash, Scenes From A Hat, Two Line Vocabulary, Questions Only, Weird Newscasters, and World's Worst.

Kathy is a solo stand up comedienne of some note whose chief stock in trade is satirizing more famous celebrities usually in a disparaging way. Although she characterizes herself as being on the "D-List" even to the point of having a series on cable entitled "My Life on the D-List" she is probably the most famous person to appear as an irregular cast member who was not designated as some kind of special guest.

Fast-witted, ribald and mercurial, she was called one of the world's funniest women by Drew at the beginning of one of the shows in which she appeared.

Kathy's appearances (US)
US Season 5: 2, 15, 19 and 29

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