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March was a short-lived game played on the British edition of Whose Line.

The game was closely related to the more well-known Hoedown, with the only noticable difference being that instead of the famous hoedown tune, performers had to sing about a given topic in the style of a march. Mike McShane or Tony Slattery frequently ended the games. Mike, in particular, had a tendancy to go all-out and perform verses twice the length of normal verses.

Paul Merton, Jim Sweeney, and Steve Steen have frequented March more than the other games of its style. In fact, none of those three performers have ever participated in its more popular successor, the Hoedown.

Episodes with March

Screenshot Episode Original airdate Performers Total Episodes #
UK3e03.png S3E03 February 1, 1991 Mike McShane, Sandi Toksvig, Paul Merton, Jim Sweeney 33
Games Performed: Film and Theatre Styles, Alphabet, Song Styles, Expert Translation, March, Props, News Report, Helping Hands, Musical Producers
UK3e05.png S3E05 February 15, 1991 Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Sandi Toksvig, Tony Slattery 35
Games Performed: Film and Theatre Styles, Props, Helping Hands, Musical Producers, World's Worst, Song Styles, News Report, Alphabet, March
UK3e07.png S3E07 March 1, 1991 Mike McShane, Paul Merton, Steve Steen, Jim Sweeney 37
Games Performed: Film and Theatre Styles, News Report, Expert Translation, Musical Film Review, Props, Helping Hands, Party Quirks, March
UK3e09.png S3E09 March 15, 1991 Compilation 39
Games Performed: Props, Duet, Tag, Song Styles, Film Dub, March, Outtakes (Alphabet, Authors, Tag, American Musical), Song Styles, World's Worst, Party Quirks, American Musical
UK3e12.png S3E12 April 5, 1991 Josie Lawrence, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Mike McShane 42
Games Performed: Film and Theatre Styles, World's Worst, Helping Hands, American Musical, Song Styles, Party Quirks, Props, March
UK3e16.png S3E16 May 3, 1991 Josie Lawrence, Greg Proops, Sandi Toksvig, Mike McShane 46
Games Performed: March, Alphabet, Tag, Psychiatrist, Props, Party Quirks, Film and Theatre Styles, American Musical
UK4e01.png S4E01 January 24, 1992 Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Stephen Frost, Tony Slattery 48
Games Performed: Emotion Option, Film and Theatre Styles, Old Job New Job, Courtroom Scene, World's Worst, Props, Party Quirks, Film Dub, Helping Hands, March
UK4e02.png S4E02 January 31, 1992 Greg Proops, Paul Merton, Ryan Stiles, Josie Lawrence 49
Games Performed: Film and Theatre Styles, Video Player, Scenes From a Hat, Expert, Party Quirks, Helping Hands, March
UK4e03.png S4E03 February 7, 1992 Jim Sweeney, Paul Merton, Steve Steen, Tony Slattery 50
Games Performed: Emotion Option, Film and Theatre Styles, Letter Changes, Film Dub, March, Props, Courtroom Scene, Helping Hands, Party Quirks, Scenes From a Hat
UK5e03.png S5E03 March 19, 1993 Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Paul Merton, Tony Slattery 63
Games Performed: Authors, Film and Theatre Styles, Foreign Film Dub, Scenes From a Hat, Props, Alphabet, Scene to Music, Party Quirks, March


  • March is one of the few games Colin Mochrie played more frequently than Ryan Stiles. Colin did three Marches to Ryan's two.
  • Despite Hoedown being the more played game at the time, March was played instead during Paul Merton's last episode.

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