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Millionaire Show was a game played on the American edition of Whose Line.

Based on the gameshow, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Millionaire Show is a game where all four performers would take part. One as the contestant, another as the host, another as the friend on the phone and the last one as a member of the audience. The game would focus on, instead of general knowledge, a particular theme - such as Ryan Stiles' life in the bedroom - or relate to a particular type of person (such as the "Gangster Millionaire Show").

Traditionally, the game would involve three questions, the final three to get the contestant the million dollars. The contestant would answer one by themselves, phone a friend for the second and get assistance from an audience member for the third.

This game was memorably chaotic in its various renditions. Perhaps the most spectacular example of this was the "Bedroom Millionaire Show", featuring Brad Sherwood delivering a pointed impression of Regis Philbin. Colin Mochrie's appearance as Ryan's son had Drew Carey in stitches and the constant options of "Richard Nixon" became a catchphrase. Brad's final question to Ryan featured five options, all of which were just letters (is the answer A "B", B "C", C "A" or D "D") - complete with Colin's helpful suggestion that "the answer is meat" and the 5th option "a jar of almonds").