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Motown Group was a singing game performed on the American edition of Whose Line. Involving three performers (Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and usually Brad Sherwood or Chip Esten - although Colin Mochrie appeared on some occasions), the premise was that the performers were a Motown vocal group singing a song. The audience would provide the topic of the song, which would be added into the expression "Do The..." (hence "Do The Toothbrush", "Do The Sewer Worker" and "Do The Navy SEAL").

Each member of the group had to provide a verse, often with the other two providing vocal backup. The final verse tended to belong to Wayne, who would give instructions for doing the relevant dance.

As with most singing games, much of the humour focused on Colin when he played and his perceived inability to make sense. At the same time, Ryan's imaginative lyrics as the bass man were also a factor. In "Do The Sewer Worker", for example, he was able to make the comment that he looked scary and "everybody says I smell just like Drew Carey".

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