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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Bartender lyrics, covering all versions of the show. If the song you're looking for is not here, check Psychiatrist or Prison Visitor.

Angry He's an Alcoholic

Angry He Got a Speeding Ticket

Angry About Constipation

Angry About His Divorce (UK)

Angry About His Divorce (US)

Angry About His Haircut

Angry About His Jacket

Angry About His Middle Name

Angry About Milk

Angry About Parking Tickets

Angry His Pogo Stick Broke

Angry He's Been Made Redundant

Angry About the Size of His Feet

Angry There's No Toilet Paper in the Bathroom

Angry About Long Underwear


Angry That His Underwear is Too Tight


Annoyed About Being Jilted

Celebrating Being Invited to the Queen's Garden Party

Celebrating Puberty

Celebrating That He's Back on Tinder

Celebrating His Wedding

Clive Anderson Left Her

Crisis With Bunyons on His Feet

Crisis With Impotence

Ryan Stiles and Chip Esten

Drinking to Forget Bedwetting Problems

Drinking to Forget His Tax Demand

Drinking to Forget His Wardrobe

Drinking to Forget His Wife

Drinking to Forget Impotence

Jim Sweeney and Mike McShane

Drinking to Forget the Stock Market

Excited About Brad

Frightened About His First Grey Hair

Frightened About Teddy Bears

Happy About Muffins

Happy About Trains

In Love with a Popsicle

In Love with a Television Set

In Love with an Inflatable Pig

In Love with Cats

In Love with Chip

In Love with Dogs


In Love with His Dog


In Love with Potatoes

In Love with His Shoes

Ryan Stiles and Chip Esten

In Love with His Teddy Bear

In Love with the Barman

Tony Slattery and Mike McShane

In Love with Ugly Shoes

Ryan Stiles and Brad Sherwood

Lost His Puppy

Lost His Virginity (in Spain)

Problem With Bad Breath

Problem With Being Colour Blind

Problem That His Zipper Doesn't Work

Sad About His Centrelink Payments Being Cut

Sad About Hipsters

Stressed About Having a Kid

Thinks He's a Princess