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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Duet lyrics, covering the entire American series.

Audience Serenades

Alicia the Music Student (Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Swing)

Andrea the Yoga Teacher (Rat Pack)

Angela the Sign Language Interpreter (The Blues Brothers)

Anna the Sign Language Interpreter (Rod Stewart and Tina Turner)

Bill the Liquor Clerk (R.E.M.)

Connie the Doctor's Receptionist (Jump and Jive)

Dana the Dental Hygienst ('60s Rhythm and Blues)

Dena the Thermostat Marketer ('50s Teen)

Derek the Diesel Guy (The Village People)

Jeremy the Air Traffic Controller (Gospel)

Jill the Dodger Stadium Ticket Seller (Rat Pack)

Katie the Girl who Works at Hoagie-Yoagie (Boy Band)

Katrina the Popcorn Popper (Big Band)

Kenny the Machinest (Punk Rock)

Kim the Giant Sea Otter (Vaudeville)

Kim the Lightbulb Seller (Jewish Wedding)

Kris the Accountant's Assistant (Line Dancing)

Kristy in Pharmaceutical Sales ('50s Love Song)

Leyna the Camp Councelor (The Munchkins)

Lily the Crossing Guard (The Backstreet Boys)

Maria the Hulu Instructor (Van Halen)

Merilee the Pet Photographer (Aerosmith and Run DMC)

Michelle the Writer / Mom (Gypsy Kings)

Mira the Hebrew Teacher (Gospel)

Nicole the Receptionist (Swing)

Peyton the Actress ('50s Doo Wop)

Phyllis the Housewife from the Niagara Falls (Bee Gees)

Sarah the Auditor (Pop Ballad)

Sarah the IT Consultant (Disco Ballad)

Shauna the Animal Trainer (Speed Metal)

Susie the Drywall Seller (The Rolling Stones)

Timori the Dental Hygienist (Gospel)

Tina the Canadian (Bruce Springsteen)

Special Guest Serenades

Adelaide Kane (Latin Pop)

Byamba the Sumo Wrestler (Motown)

Florence Henderson (Disco)

Gina Rodriguez (Beastie Boys)

Hugh Hefner and Playmates (Swing)

Jaime Camil (Mariachi)

Kunal Nayyar (Hard Rock)

Lassie (Country)

Legends Football League Players (The Rolling Stones)

Loyola Marymount University Cheerleaders (Rhythm and Blues)

Matt Barnes (Heavy Metal)

Mel B (Singing Stripogram)

Misha Collins (Russian Folk)

Neena and Veena Bidasha (Middle Eastern)

Penn and Teller (Motown)

Randy Couture (Stadium Rock)

Rob Gronkowski (Stadium Rock)

Robbie Amell (One Direction)

Santa Claus and Donner (Swing)

Synchronized Swimmers (Boy Band)

Willie Robertson (Neil Diamond and Mick Jagger)

Wilson Bethel (Motown)


Dishwasher (Jitterbug)

Funnel ('40s Tapdance)

Sponge (Busby Berkeley)