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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Psychiatrist lyrics, covering entire British series. If the song you're looking for is not here, check Bartender or Prison Visitor.

Afraid of Hats

Afraid of Peanut Butter

Afraid of Psychiatrists (Germany)

Afraid of Water

Afraid of Women

In Love with a Cameraman (in Greece)

In Love with a Nurse (in Mexico)

In Love with Himself

In Love with Sheep (Jamaica)

In Love with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Obsessed with Easter Bunnies

Obsessed with James Brown

Obsessed with Men

Obsessed with Poodles

Thinks He's an Armadillo (in Austria)

Thinks He's an Eskimo

Thinks He's a Peanut (in France)

Thinks He Smells Like Horses