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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Show Stopping Number lyrics, covering the entire US series.

Accounting Office

I Like to Go to the Beach

Hey, Buster. Hire My Friend

Don't Fuss with Flecker


I'm In Charge of Counting Nickels

This Is No Life For Me

Nacho Mama


Cheese Is Our Life

Cheese is our life

I wish I could make it my wife

I'd take it to bed

We'd sleep until we're dead!

Oh boy I love chee~eese

I'm Tired of Poking Holes in These Things

I'm tired / Of poking holes in these things

Doesn't ring / Ring-a-ding-dings

Didn't get the suggestion / We almost didn't get the hint

'Cause Drew almost choked / On an Altoid mint

Without a Hole, Where Would You Be?

Without a hole, where would you be

No place for EEHHHH and no place for the pee

What would you do, oh man

Havin' holes is part of the plan

I love holes, in every SIZE

And if I turn around, there's a big surprise

I love my holes, it's the bomb

If I stand on my head, it spells out "MOM"!

Post Office

Let's Take a Coffee Break and Think About That

My Friend, You're Fired

I'm an Expert Marksman

Shoe Store

I Had A Little Too Much to Drink Today

It Was Made From Three llamas and a Goat

We Refuse to be Small for The Big Man

The Elf Test

I've Always Really waned to be a Chiropractor

Toll Booth

We're Going to Use It To By Wallpaper

I'm Too Tired to Hurt You

Your Butt Belongs to the State As Well

United States Senate

I Don't Have What It Takes Anymore

I'm the Best Man For the Job

The Itty Bitty Panty Party Partakes for the Participation for the Partisan Committee

Veterinarian's Office

I'm Going to Work on the Poodle

I'm Always Going to Be With You, Phil

Little Reggie the Cockatiel