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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Song Styles lyrics, covering the entire British run. If you're looking for songs featuring more than one performer, see Duet.



Banana (Rock and Roll)

Banana (Folk)

Baseball Bat (Noël Coward)

Cheese Grater (Boogie Woogie)

Cheese Grater (Kurt Weill)

Coal (Grunge)

Crackers (Jazz)

Crackers (Swiss Yodel)

Electric Drill (Jamaican Reggae)

Electric Drill (Heavy Metal)

Fish Slice (Love Ballad)

Fish Slice (Hymn)

Food Processor (Rock and Roll)

Food Processor (Heavy Metal)

Glasses (Country Western)

Hammer (Opera)

Hose Pipe (Blues)

Hose Pipe (Edith Piaf)

Ironing Board (Reggae)

Ironing Board (Leonard Cohen)

Ironing Board (Jazz)

Jardiniere (American Teen Musical)

Lemon Squeezer (Heavy Metal)

Lemon Squeezer (Folk)

Little Red Triangle (German Drinking Song)

Microwave (Frank Sinatra)

Microwave (Opera)

Moldy Tomato (Calypso)

Mop (Cocktail Lounge Jazz Ballad)

Plunger (Motown)

Refrigerator (Country)

Rubber Duck (Calypso)

Rubber Duck (Punk Rock with a hint of Gregorian Chant)

Secateurs (Love Song)

Snails (Drunken Auntie)

Soap (MGM Musical)

Spatula (Jazz)

Spatula (Sting)

Stapler (Irish Jig)

Stapler (Soul)

Strimmer (Irish Jig)

Subway (Marilyn Monroe)

Suitcase (Torch)

Syringe (Ragtime)

Telephone (Sondheim)

Telephone (Reggae)

Television (Heavy Metal)

Television (Folk)

Television (Eurovision Song Contest)

Toaster (Gospel)

Toaster (Motown)

Toothbrush (Gospel)

Train Set (Disco)

Underwear (Disco)

Washing Machine (Country Western)

Washing Machine (Music Hall)

Audience Serenades

Allison the Court Clerk (Broadway Love Song)

Andy the Account Manager for a Fruit Machine Firm (Big Musical Love Song)

Angela the Video Store Worker (Musical-end Love Song)

Anna the Nurse (Upbeat Jolly Love Song)

Brenden Gibbs the Police Officer (Sondheim)

Catherine the Secretary (Love Song)

Drew the Stripper (Love Song)

Liz the Osteopath (Reggae)

Mark the Bank Manager (Love Song)

Pauline the Car Salesgirl (Britpop)

Yvette the Receptionist (Reggae)


On the M25 / Who Stole My Sausages (Heavy Metal)