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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Song Styles lyrics, covering the entire American series.


Audience Serenades

Alexis the Ice Skating Coach (Michael and Janet Jackson)

Amy and Christina the Cross-Country Runners (Backstreet Boys)

Bob the Pastor (James Bond Theme)

Carly the Bankruptcy Worker (Prince)

Carly the Fashion Designer (Cab Calloway)

Chanel the Polynesian Dancer (Love Song Speeding Up)

Charlie the Maintenance Guy (TLC)

Chris the Video Game Reviewer (Britney Spears)

Cyrus the Retired Merchant Marine (Mae West)

Dennis the Engineer (60s Girl Group)

Dolores the Gardener (Michael Jackson Getting Older)

Doug the Chemistry Professor (James Bond Theme)

Howard the Engineer (Village People)

Ingrid the Police Detective (80s Rock Anthem)

Ivy the Bingo Caller (Michael Jackson's Thriller)

Jackie (Boyband with Lance Bass)

Jennifer the English Literature Major (Luther Vandross)

Jill the Volleyball Coach from Calabasas (Cab Calloway)

Jim the Army Recruiter (Tina Turner)

Joe the Pool Guy (Eminem)

Lee the Lunch Lady (Singing Stripogram)

Lonelle the Marketing Assistant for a Home Video Company (Country Western Ballad)

Lydia the Geographer (M.C. Hammer)

Mae the Baker (Love Song from a Movie Soundtrack)

Marie the Stepdancer (Prince)

Maureen the Editor of Teen Style (Sisqo)

Michelle the Meter Maid (Public Enemy)

Mylie the Talent Agency Secretary (Ray Charles)

Naomi the UPS Worker (70s Disco)

Niroshi the Political Science and Economics Student (Rock Love Ballad)

Robin the Candy Girl (Louis Armstrong)

Samantha the Aerobics Instructor (Riverdance)

Sarah the Teacher (James Brown)

Sheila the INS Attorney (Gospel)

Shelly the Housewife (James Brown)

Terri the Second Assistant at a Clothing Store who Likes to Go to the Beach (Gospel)

Toby the Violinist (Michael Jackson)

Tricia the Swimming Instructor (Louis Armstrong)

Wilma the Medical School Coordinator (Oasis)

Special Guest Serenades

Bill Nye ('50s Rockabilly)

Brian Shaw (Lion King)

Candice Accola (Latin Pop)

David Hasselhoff (Gospel)

Jayne Tricka (Stadium Rock)

Jerry Springer (Gospel)

Kat Graham (Broadway Musical)

Kevin McHale (Gospel)

Lisa Leslie (Justin Timberlake)

Maggie Q (Broadway Musical)

Miss America 2002 Katie Harman (Boy Band)

Nina Agdal (Latin Pop)

Padma Lakshmi (Prince)

Richard Simmons (Disco)

Scott Porter (Boy Band)

Tara Lipinski (Elvis Presley)

Undarmaa the Contortionist (Prince)

Verne Troyer (Hip Hop Video)

Vernon Davis (Nicki Minaj)

Whoopi Goldberg (Tina Turner)


Substitute Teacher (Fantasy Rock - with Chris Hardwick)

Life Problems

Lying about your Weight (90's R&B - with Tinashe)


Bank Teller (West Side Story)

Blender (Temptations)

Coffee Grinder (Rocky Horror)

Goat (West Side Story)

Toaster (Entire Gospel Choir)

Vacuum Cleaner (German Cabaret)