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This is the Whoserpedia's page for Three Headed Broadway Star lyrics, covering the entire US series.

B Block Wife (Michelle / Doin' Time)

Bubbles (The Loch Ness Monster)

Don't Touch My Blowhole (Killer Whale)

First Time We Kissed (Becka)

Flea Dip (Bob)

I Can't Live Without Your Mother (Venus)

I Can't Live Without Your Rubber Ducky

I Can't Stop Thinking About Your Pants (Jillian)

I Dream About Your Yarmulke (Shannon)

I Lost My Leg Warmers (Memorabilia)

I Love Cheese (Gee, You Smell Terrific)

I Love You For Your Shoes (Kim)

I Love You For Your Teeth

My Banana, Your Banana (The Monkeys Attack)

That Sinking Feeling (Quicksand)

These Aren't My Hips (Stretch Marks)

They Threw It Away (Trashmen)

Timber (Lumberjacks in Love)

When I Think About Your Pants (Drew Carey)

When I Touch Your Kangaroo (Jody)

Whenever I See Your Teeth (Mieko)

Whenever I See Your Warts (Shauna)

Whistle on Cue (Whistler's Mother)

You Are My Butterstick (Chrissy)

You Are My Chili Dog (Bree)

You Fill My Life with Jello (Christina)

You Know How to Wiggle (Worms)

You've Got a Beautiful Bald Spot (Ally)

You've got a beautiful bald spot. I think it's so divine. When i look into it i can see anything, YOWZA! Shiny as a bald penny. Brilliant as a professor. My bald spot isn't like yours. Your bald spot can reflect lasers right in my personal direction. When your bald spot glimmers at my eye, i blink once then blink twice. Because your bald spots are nice, nice! (harmonised)

You've Got a Beautiful Earlobe (Katie)

You've Got Sole (My Favourite Shoe)

You are my soul-mate. I can't hardly believe. A sho, oeee, gesundheit, can love me. You are my soul-mate baby. Lace up my shoe. And take me on a.... Trips are beautiful. I love you. So.. Get! You! What? Ha, ha ,hahaha. I love my girl because she's so beau ti...what? Listen...to...me!