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Psychiatrist was a game played on the British edition of Whose Line.

A singing game closely related to Bartender, the game revolved around one performer (often Josie Lawrence) who would play the psychiatrist. A number of other performers (ranging from one to three) would play the patients.

Each patient would sit on a stool in earlier playings, but in later series, they started to lie on the "psychiatrist's couch" with the psychiatrist sitting on a stool nearby. The audience would then be told that the patient was suffering a particular problem, such as "He's in love with something" or "He's afraid of something", at which the audience had to suggest what the "something" was - at one point, Colin Mochrie was given the task of being afraid of psychiatrists. In some cases, the audience would also have to suggest the country the scene was set in, sometimes settling on an easy location such as Mexico or France, but in one case opting for Norway.

The patient would then have to sing (in the style of the particular country where applicable) about their problem, with the psychiatrist responding in the same tune with a solution of sorts.

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