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Questions Only (Shortened to "Questions" in the later seasons of the US Series) was a game played on both the British and American editions of Whose Line.

All four performers would take part, dividing into two groups of two on either side of the main stage. After being given their scene, one from each side would begin a dialogue, with the caveat that they could only talk in questions. After a performer hesitated or made a statement, the host would buzz them out and they would be replaced by the person behind them. As can be expected, there were many attempts to turn statements into questions, either by inflection ("I don't know?") or by tortured syntax ("would you believe me if I said that...?").

Clive was very strict in this game, as the contestants were not only given about a second to come up with a question, but he also banned the phrase "Pardon?". This game would be given a couple variations as the series would progress


Questionable Impressions

  • Functioning much as its parent game did, the only difference was that the performers had to do different impressions each time they arrived on the main stage. In many cases, they did so by playing to their strengths (Ryan Stiles' impressions of Elvis Presley, John Wayne or Carol Channing), but just as frequently they tried something imaginative (such as Colin Mochrie's impression of Craig T Nelson, which did not involve a change to his voice at all). Other memorable impressions included Greg Proops' version of Yoda and Wayne Brady becoming "the only brother to do Jimmy Durante".
  • The game often turned into near anarchy as performers deliberately tried to throw each other off with unusual impressions. Hilariously, there seemed to be no requirement for the performer to really know who they were impersonating at times.
  • Drew Carey, who tellingly suggested the game be renamed to "Let's all make idiots out of ourselves" after one chaotic round, can frequently be heard laughing during this game

Questions with Wigs

What was a rare game in the Drew series would become the predominant Questions game of the CW Revival. It is a mixture of the games "Questions Only" and Hats. Also considered a variant of Questionable Impressions, but the performers create characters based on wigs they must wear, found in a box supplied to them before the game.


  • In the first couple playings of Questions Only, it was played as a basic scene with Colin and Ryan.

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