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Rap (or Improvising a Rap, as it was called on the Radio programme), is a game played during the first three British series, as well as the radio show. Unlike every other musical game in the series, Rap's music was prerecorded, as opposed to being provided by a musician.

During the radio show, and on one occassion on the television programme, each performer had to sing two verses - after the first four songs ends, the lineup starts over.

Stephen Fry occassionally performed the final verses, and had a tendency for speak-singing. The closest thing to an exception to this is when he poked fun of Enn Reitel's Sheep Shearing verse before he started his own. ("Mary had a little lamb. No, no...) Another notable Rap was about Banking. Tony Slattery sang about finding his bankteller so attractive it gave him an erection. Mike McShane responded by saying Tony had "the morals of a German shepard", before singing his own song about sperm banks.


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