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The Guide to Boyband references on Whose Line

References From 'New Kids on The Block' all the way to 'One Direction'

US Series

Picture Episode Segment Description
231 - SS.jpg
Season 2 Episode 27 Song Styles Wayne sings Amy and Christina in the style of The Backstreet Boys. Drew after game comments he couldn't tell if it were Backstreet Boys or Nsync.
239 - Duet.jpg
Season 2 Episode 39 Duet Chip and Wayne sing to Katie in a Boyband style.
239 - Song Titles.jpg
Season 2 Episode 39 Song Titles Chip uses 'MmmBop' (Hanson) only for Wayne to follow with 'Everybody' (Backstreet Boys)
322 - Song Titles.jpg
Season 3 Episode 16 Song Titles "Bye Bye Bye"
327310334 - Drew.jpg
Season 3 Episode 24 Points Comparison "That's right, the points are like if uh 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys traded guys"
334 - Props.jpg
Season 3 Episode 30 Props "Guess which Nsync member I am!"
332 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 3 Episode 31 Hoedown: Rock Stars "Trust me nobody gets more booty, than that group NSync"
338 - GH.jpg
Season 3 Episode 33 Greatest Hits: Songs of The Cowboy (II) Wayne and Chip sing the Hansen Hit, "MMM-Moo"
317 - LMAD 1.jpg
Season 4 Episode 5 Let's Make A Date Wayne is "The members of 'N Sync arguing amonst themselves during a video shoot"
318 - ST.jpg
Season 4 Episode 9 Song Titles "Bye Bye Bye"
421 - Props.jpg
Season 4 Episode 18 Props "Do you have a table for NSync?"
411 - ST.jpg
Season 4 Episode 19 Song Titles "Bye Bye Bye"
403 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 4 Episode 25 Hoedown All Four sing about The Backstreet Boys. Chip mentions NSync and 'New Kids on The Block' in his verse
509 - SS.jpg
Season 5 Episode 2 Song Styles Wayne sings to Miss America in the style of Boyband
517 - GH.jpg
Season 5 Episode 11 Greatest Hits "What sound does an Artic Tern make?"


7005 - Duet.jpg
Season 7 Episode 5 Duet Chip and Wayne sing to Lillie in the style of the Backstreet Boys
8012 - Newsflash.jpg
Season 8 Episode 10 Newsflash "It all started with a rumor about a Menudo reunion"
902 - Song Styles.jpg
Season 9 Episode 2 Song Styles Wayne while singing to Kevin McHale, hints that before Glee he was in a Boyband (NLT)
905 - Duet.jpg
Season 9 Episode 5 Duet Jeff and Wayne sing to the US Synchronized Swim Team in the style of Boyband
1012 - Duet.jpg
Season 10 Episode 12 Duet Jeff and Wayne sing to Robbie Amell in the style of One Direction. Wayne mentions Harry Styles during the song. Ryan displays his One Direction knowledge and mentions Niall Horan after.
1104 - Dubbing.jpg
Season 11 Episode 4 Dubbing The scene is a Boyband audition
Season 11 Episode 11 Duet Wayne and Brad sing to Kathie Lee Gifford in the style of Boyband
1112 - Doo Wop.jpg
Season 11 Episode 12 Doo Wop "I haven't felt this bad since that guy left One Direction" which turns the song into "Jessica's gone but so is Zayn" -- Post Game Banter (International Cuts) Aisha awards the same amount as points as fangirls who were crying over Zayn's departure.
1123 - Duet.jpg
Season 11 Episode 23 Duet Jeff and Wayne sing to Karla Souza in the style of Boyband
1124 - SFAH 1.jpg
1124 - SFAH 2.jpg
1124 - SFAH 3.jpg
Season 11 Episode 24 Scenes From a Hat Mayhem ensues with 'If Boybands sang about Embarrassing problems'
1128 - Secret.jpg
Season 11 Episode 28 Secret In the scene, Tarzan carried off a bank heist to get One Direction tickets.
1201 - Joey, Wayne, Jeff.jpg
Season 12 Episode 1 Trio, Dubbing, Helping Hands Special Guest Joey Fatone is introduced as one of the stars of NSYNC
Season 12 Episode 1 Trio to Audience Member Joey, Jeff, and Wayne sing to Eric in the style of NSync
Joey Fatone - Dubbing.jpg
Season 12 Episode 1 Dubbing The scene is NSync Auditions
1201 - Credit Reading.jpg
Season 12 Episode 1 Credit Reading All Four with Joey read the credits out as if they're all members of a boy band trying to perfect their routine. The Dance to Bye Bye Bye makes an appearance.
US - 1217.png
Season 12 Episode 17 Trio Wayne, Gary, and Wil Wheaton sing in the style of Boyband
1302 - Wanya.jpg
Season 13 Episode 2 Trio, Themed Restaurant, and Helping Hands Wanya Morris is introduced as Boyz II Men singing legend
Season 13 Episode 2 Trio to Audience Member Wayne, Jonathan, and Wanya Morris sing a Boyz II Men song
Season 13 Episode 8 Trio to Audience Member Wayne, Jeff, and Chip sing to Danielle in the style of a Boyband
1308 - BanterTrio.jpg
Season 13 Episode 8 Trio: Post Game Banter (International Cuts Only) (About Chip's Return)
  • Aisha: "Aw Guys, The Band is back together"
  • Jeff: "But then he just leaves"
  • Aisha: "Well.. There's always a Justin Timberlake of every NSync"
1312 - Lance.jpg
Season 13 Episode 12 Duet and Helping Hands Lance Bass is introduced as NSYNC star
Season 13 Episode 12 Duet to Audience Member Lance Bass and Wayne sing to Jackie in the style of NSYNC
1312 - Credits.jpg
Season 13 Episode 12 Credit Reading Lance teaches the four some classic NSYNC moves
Season 15 Episode 7 Duet to Audience Member Chris Jackson and Wayne sing a Boyz II Men sounding song


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