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Friends References and Jabs on Whose Line

UK Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
Season 10 Episode 3 Weird Newscasters "And Friends comes back for another Season"

US Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
211 - PQ.jpg
Season 2 Episode 12 Party Quirks Post Game Banter Ryan after Melissa Incident - "You won't see that on Friends!"
225 - Telethon.jpg
Season 2 Episode 18 Telethon "$250 million will barely cover the hair mousse for the set of Friends"
236 - Film Dub.jpg
Season 2 Episode 35 Film Dub "This is a fun game you can play at home by the way, if you're watching "Friends" or any other stupid Thursday night show on NBC."
313 - Commercial Return 2.jpg
Season 3 Episode 9 Commercial Return "Wow, would you look at all the viewers we have out there tonight! Boy, "Friends" must be a rerun."
341 - Commercial Return.jpg
Season 3 Episode 10 Commercial Return "I guess "Friends" isn't very good tonight."
328 - Commercial Return.jpg
Season 3 Episode 22 Commercial Return "And we'd especially like to welcome our newer viewers who've recently discovered that "Friends" is gettin' just a little bit tired."
410 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 3 Episode 37 Hoedown: 100th Show "All you folks been watching "Friends", you can kiss my ass."
318 - SFAH 1.jpg
318 - SFAH 2.jpg
Season 4 Episode 9 Scenes From a Hat: Difficult Questions for Mommy to Answer "Mommy, How come no one looks like me on Friends?"
409 - WN.jpg
Season 4 Episode 21 Weird Newscasters Ryan as he goes through the portals of Hell: "Friends, Friends, Can't stop watching Friends!"
431 - SFAH.jpg
Season 4 Episode 28 Scenes From a Hat: The Good News and The Bad News "You're in a very funny show... It's against Friends"
603 - Film Dub.jpg
Season 5 Episode 20 Film Dub "This is a great game to play while you're watching Friends"
602 - SFAH.jpg
Season 6 Episode 1 Scenes From a Hat: "Shows you'd never expect Barney the Dinosaur to make a Cameo on" Colin goes in as Barney on Friends.
430 - Commercial Return.jpg
Season 6 Episode 7 Commercial Return "The Only Difference between our cast and the cast of Friends is, that the cast of Friends is richer, better looking, and more popular. Other than that, no difference.
1207 - SFAH.jpg
Season 12 Episode 7 Scenes From a Hat Post Game Banter: International Cuts Only
  • Jonathan: "Friends don't let friends taste your friends"
  • Ryan: "Friends don't let Friends watch Friends"
  • Aisha (A Former Friends Cast): "Friends make their Friends watch Friends!"
1405 - WN 1.jpg
Season 14 Episode 5 Weird Newscasters Wayne as "60 years of American television" acts out a bit from Friends. References the theme song, and also points out Aisha was on that show.


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