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Michael Jackson References, Mentions, and Impressions on Whose Line

UK Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
UK 406 - Narrate.jpg
Season 4 Episode 6 Narrate Steve Steen narrates that Jim did a perfect Michael Jackson impression, only for Jim to quickly do an impression.
UK 906 - Credits.jpg
Season 9 Episode 6 Credit Reading Ryan and Colin read the credits as Michael Jackson and Bubbles
UK 1010 - Gospel.jpg
Season 10 Episode 11 Gospel: Plastic Surgery Wayne sings about Michael Jackson in his verse

US Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
106 - Song Styles.jpg
Season 1 Episode 3 Greatest Hits: Songs of The Bus Driver Wayne sings the Michael Jackson hit "You're not on my Route"
119 - Telethon.jpg
Season 1 Episode 12 Telethon Wayne comes in as Michael Jackson
118 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 1 Episode 15 Hoedown When claimed the winner, Wayne does a Michael Jackson impression
S1 Unaired - GH.jpg
Season 1 DVD - Unaired Greatest Hits: Songs of The Trashman Wayne sings the young Michael Jackson hit, "Dump it"
204 - Song Styles.jpg
Season 2 Episode 10 Song Styles Wayne sings to Delores in the style of Michael Jackson getting older and older
226 - Superheroes.jpg
Season 2 Episode 21 Superheroes Wayne as 'Thinks everything's on fire boy" goes into a Michael Jackson impression, referencing the Pepsi Commercial accident of 1984.
227 - SFAH 2.jpg
Season 2 Episode 22 Scenes From a Hat: Things that can spoil a date Wayne turns into a werewolf, only to start doing the dance to Thriller seconds after.
239 - Song Titles 1.jpg
Season 2 Episode 39 Song Titles Colin introduces himself as 'Ben'
239 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 2 Episode 39 Hoedown: Plastic Surgery (I) Wayne does verse on Michael Jackson, Chip mentions him in his.
320 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 3 Episode 8 Hoedown: Lottery (I) Wayne said he'd use his winnings to Michael Jackson black again. Drew questions Wayne's choice in his verse.
301 - Superheroes.jpg
Season 3 Episode 14 Superheroes: Post Game Banter Drew awards points to Wayne for the zippers on his pants, and queries what they're all about. Wayne says it's his tribute to Michael Jackson, and starts impersonating him. Greg follows up with his tribute to Latoya Jackson.
322 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 3 Episode 16 Hoedown: Plastic Surgery (II) Chip turns out to be Michael Jackson in his verse
333 - Song Styles.jpg
Season 3 Episode 23 Song Styles Wayne sings to Alexis in the style of a Michael & Janet Jackson duet
339 - GH.jpg
Season 3 Episode 35 Greatest Hits: Songs of The Racecar Driver (I) Wayne alludes to Michael Jackson's 1984 Pepsi mishap in the Macy Gray style song "Gonna walk away when there's fire"
344 - Song Titles.jpg
Season 3 Episode 36 Song Titles Ryan uses 'Beat It', Colin immediately follows up with 'Eat It' which is Weird Al's parody of the song.
318 - Song Titles.jpg
Season 4 Episode 9 Song Titles Wayne uses 'Thriller', Chip follows with 'Bad', Wayne gets him with 'Beat It'.
421 - Improbable.jpg
Season 4 Episode 18 Improbable Mission Wayne names the Governor after the refrain of 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
508 - SFAH.jpg
Season 4 Episode 24 Scenes From a Hat: If Celebrities were the first people to walk the Moon" Wayne comes in as Michael Jackson and moonwalks
425 - Song Styles 1.jpg
Season 5 Episode 5 Song Styles Wayne sings to Ivy in the style of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'
518 - WN.jpg
Season 5 Episode 16 Weird Newscasters Wayne does Sports as a Celebrity Deathmatch between Michael Jackson and James Brown.
610 - Newsflash 1.jpg
Season 5 Episode 19 Newsflash Ryan references Ben during Newsflash; Ryan and Colin sing the theme afterwards.
603 - Hats.jpg
Season 5 Episode 20 Hats Wayne makes a Michael Jackson joke
612 - Credits.jpg
Season 5 Episode 30 Credit Reading Greg reads it as a Dancing Monkey. Wayne decides to come in as Michael Jackson
430 - LMAD.jpg
Season 6 Episode 7 Let's Make a Date Wayne is Michael Jackson turning into a Werewolf. Ryan in his quirk, later transforms into Wayne's quirk.
7009 - Song Titles 3.jpg
Season 7 Episode 9 Song Titles Wayne uses 'Bad', Chip later uses 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
7018 - Director 1.jpg
Season 7 Episode 18 Hollywood Director Wayne as the possessed child "You look like Michael Jackson"
8002 - WN.jpg
Season 8 Episode 2 Weird Newscasters Wayne does the sports as Michael Jackson at 100 determined to show he's still got it.
Season 8 Episode 4 Scene to Rap Wayne starts doing the dance to Thriller in the Zombie Rap.
8013 - Song Styles.jpg
Season 8 Episode 9 Song Styles Wayne sings to Tobi in the style of Michael Jackson
1406 - PQ.jpg
Season 14 Episode 6 Party Quirks Ryan as a series of possessed celebrities does a brief Michael Jackson impression


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