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Star Wars Mentions on Whose Line

UK Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
Season 1 Episode 2 World's Worst: Person to comfort somebody on their Death Bed "You haven't seen Star Wars?!
Season 1 Episode 9 Film and Theatre Styles Josie and Mike do a part of the scene in the style of Star Wars
Season 1 Episode 10 Couples Enn references Star Wars and Obi-Wan
RyanJosiePropsUK .jpg
Season 2 Episode 8 Props Ryan makes an R2D2 joke
UK - 506 Props.jpg
Season 5 Episode 6 Props Ryan and Greg engage in a lightsaber duel
UK - 606 Props 2.jpg
Season 6 Episode 6 Props Ryan and Colin engage in a lightsaber duel
Season 7 Episode 5 Film Trailer Entire Scene is a direct parody of Star Wars. "Jelly Wars"
Season 8 Episode 5 Director The scene is a Star Wars setting
Season 9 Episode 8 Questions Only The scene is set in Star Wars
Season 9 Episode 13 Film and Theatre Styles Ryan and Colin do a part of the scene in the style of Star Wars
Season 10 Episode 11 Film and Theatre Styles Ryan and Colin do a part of the scene in the style of Star Wars

US Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
111 - Props.jpg
Season 1 Episode 8 Props Denny imitates C3PO
209 - Props.jpg
Season 2 Episode 1 Props "Leia, Where are you Leia?"
224 - Props.jpg
Season 2 Episode 16 Props "Get that Jar Jar Binks out of here!"
208 - WL.jpg
Season 2 Episode 17 Whose Line Ryan is Obi-Wan, and Colin is Luke Skywalker.
210 - QI.jpg
Season 2 Episode 19 Questionable Impressions Greg comes in the scene as Yoda, Wayne then comes in as Jar Jar to trip him up.
216 - Hats.jpg
Season 2 Episode 23 Hats Colin imitates a Jawa
234 - Jar Jar.jpg
Season 2 Episode 31 Let's Make A Date Wayne is Jar Jar Binks
234 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 2 Episode 31 Hoedown Wayne mentions Jar Jar Binks
238 - FTTS.png
Season 2 Episode 38 Film and Theatre Styles Wayne and Colin have a Lightsaber fight in the Science Fiction style
238 - SFAH Jar Jar.jpg
Season 2 Episode 38 Scenes From a Hat: "Albums doomed to be Flops" and "Least Likely to win the 2000 Presidential Election" Wayne imitates Jar Jar Binks
313 - Props 2.jpg
Season 3 Episode 9 Props "Luke! You must fight the force for Me!"
340 - Ewok.png
Season 3 Episode 11 Hats "How would you like to experience the real Ewok adventure?"
340 - Leia.jpg
Season 3 Episode 11 Hats "Use the force, Luke."
321 - SFX.jpg
Season 3 Episode 15 Sound FX The Scene is a Star Wars setting
329 - Props.jpg
Season 3 Episode 25 Props Drew and Ryan partake in a Light Saber duel
301 - Props.jpg
Season 3 Episode 26 Props "Princess Leia, I have news!"
334 C3PO.jpg
Season 3 Episode 30 Quick Change "I think we should name it, C3PO"
338 - SCFAM.jpg
Season 3 Episode 33 Scenes Cut From a Movie One of the styles was Star Wars
410 - Number of Words.jpg
Season 3 Episode 37 Number of Words The guys do a Star Wars scene
411 - SFAH.jpg
Season 4 Episode 19 Scenes From a Hat: First Drafts of Famous Movie Lines "Luke, I'm your second uncle twice removed"
423 - Props.jpg
Season 4 Episode 22 Props "I am your mother, Luke Skywalker."
519 - SFAH 2.jpg
Season 5 Episode 23 Scenes From a Hat: Unlikely famous movie scenes to be done nude Wayne and Colin act out a Star Wars suggestion
502 - Themed Restaurant 2.jpg
Season 5 Episode 25 Themed Restaurant Drew confuses Ryan's E.T impression for R2D2
608 - Hats.jpg
Season 5 Episode 28 Hats "No. You use the force!"
612 - GH.jpg
Season 5 Episode 30 Greatest Hits: Songs of Sci-Fi Second Song: "Obi-Wan Kenobi with the Flowing Brown Robe-y"
347 - SFX.jpg
Season 6 Episode 4 Sound FX Colin plays a Jedi
347 - Film Dub.jpg
Season 6 Episode 4 Film Dub - Banter Drew compares the Effects in the Film to Star Wars
345 - Hats 1.jpg

345 - Hats 2.jpg

345 - Hats 3.jpg
Season 6 Episode 5 Hats Colin and Greg have some Star Wars fun in Hats.
7003 - R2D2.jpg
Season 7 Episode 3 Infomercial Colin makes an R2D2 joke
7013 - Props.jpg
Season 7 Episode 13 Props Drew misfires a Jar Jar Binks joke
8017 - Hats 1.jpg
Season 8 Episode 7 Hats Ryan makes a Jawa joke
8008 - GH.jpg
Season 8 Episode 13 Greatest Hits Ryan interrupts 'Return of the Jedi Clampett'
Amadala 909.jpg
Season 9 Episode 9 Props Jeff imitates Queen Amidala
ATAT 909.jpg
Season 9 Episode 9 Props Wayne as an ATAT: "The Empire Strikes Back!"
911 - Hollywood Director.jpg
Season 9 Episode 11 Hollywood Director Colin directs a Star Wars scene
912 - Props.jpg
Season 9 Episode 12 Props "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!"
1001 Intro 1.jpg

1001 Intro 4.jpg
Season 10 Episode 1 Intros "Feel The Force, It's Wayne Brady"
"Punch it Chewie! It's Ryan Stiles"
1105 - Wayne SFAH.jpg
Season 11 Episode 5 Scenes From a Hat: Hillbilly versions of famous movies "Luke, I reckon I'm your pappy"
1106 - WayneColin SFAH.jpg
Season 11 Episode 6 Scenes From a Hat: How to ruin a romantic moment with your partner Wayne and Colin imitate Jar Jar and Chewie
1110 - ForkColin SFAH.jpg

1110 - Ryan SFAH.jpg

1110 - Wayne SFAH.jpg

1110 - UrinalStarWars.jpg

1110 - UrinalStarWars 2.jpg
Season 11 Episode 10 Scenes From a Hat: Unlikely things to see or hear in Star Wars Colin tells Luke to use the Fork (at dinner), Ryan and Wayne gargle like Chewie, Ryan and Colin have a lightsaber duel at the toilet, Wayne and Gary takeover Ryan and Colin's suggestion.
1116 - Secret.jpg
Season 11 Episode 16 Secret Ryan is Luke Skywalker, Colin is Princess Leia
1117 - WN.jpg
Season 11 Episode 17 Weird Newscasters "I'm your anchor, Han Soloittouchestheground"
1125 - SFAH 1.jpg

1125 - SFAH 2.jpg

1125 - SFAH 3.jpg

1125 - SFAH 4.jpg

1125 - SFAH 5.jpg

1125 - SFAH 6.jpg

1125 - SFAH 7.jpg
Season 11 Episode 25 Scenes From a Hat: The dating videos of Star Wars characters The guys including Aisha take a long run on this scene
1205 - WN.jpg
Season 12 Episode 5 Weird Newscasters Wayne fits as many Star Wars characters possible into his Quirk.
1206 - I Am Your Father.jpg
Season 12 Episode 6 Scenes From a Hat: Pickup lines in Space "Before we take our clothes off, I must tell you something, I am your father."
1206 - Polyamorous This is.jpg
Season 12 Episode 6 Scenes From a Hat: Pickup lines in Space After a lightsaber duel of the lowers. "Mmm. Polyamorous this is!"
US 1207 - WW 1.jpg
Season 12 Episode 7 World's Worst: Actors' showreel or audition tape Wayne 'auditions' for Chewbacca
1209 - Hoedown.jpg
Season 12 Episode 9 Hoedown "May the Pork be with You"
Season 12 Episode 10 Scenes From a Hat: Outtakes from Star Trek "Mr. Yoda, set a new course!"

Season 12 Episode 13 Themed Restaurant: Sci-Fi Setting Colin demands the Patrons to 'Use the Fork' - Wayne also comes in as a dejected Chewbacca
Season 13 Episode 8 World's Worst Wayne, Chip, Jeff, Colin, and Ryan come up with examples of the World's Worst Deleted scene from a Star Wars movie
Season 13 Episode 9 Hollywood Director Gary assigns Ryan to be Chewbacca for part of the scene
Season 14 Episode 1 World's Worst: Clips from The World's Worst Television Show "I'm the Last of the Jedi Clampett's"
1403 - Director.jpg
Season 14 Episode 3 Hollywood Director Ryan and Colin start of the Sci-Fi style with Star Wars jokes.
Jonathan Mangum 4 Hoedown.jpg
Season 14 Episode 4 Hoedown After Ryan's blooper verses. Colin: "Even Yoda would've worked"
Season 14 Episode 12 Sound FX Colin and Ryan are set in a Jedi Scene
Season 14 Episode 12 Scenes From a Hat: Unlikely lines from Star Trek "May The Force Be with You"
Season 15 Episode 3 Hollywood Director Colin directs a Star Wars scene




Season 15 Episode 9 Scenes From a Hat: If every movie starred characters from Star Wars Greg as Yoda in Jaws, Wayne and Colin as Jar Jar and Chewbacca in Titanic, Greg as Darth Vader in Frozen, Wayne as C3PO in Scarface, and Ryan as Yoda in Brokeback Mountain.


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