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Teletubbies Mentions on Whose Line

UK Version

Picture Episode Segment Description
UK 904 - Intro.jpg
Season 9 Episode 4 Intro "The improvisation show which makes Neighbours look well-prepared, and Teletubbies look like the jewel in the crown"

US Version

Picture Episode Segment Description
121 - WN.jpg
Season 1 Episode 16 Weird Newscasters During Colin's quirk he adds in "I just thought of another one. I have impure thoughts about the Teletubbies"
213 - Millionaire.jpg
Season 2 Episode 14 The Millionaire Show Brad quizzes Ryan on who the purple Teletubby is
208 - Newscasters1.jpg
Season 2 Episode 17 Weird Newscasters "Tragedy struck the Teletubbies this week when, during a camping trip, Dipsy and Laa Laa were mauled to death by bears. He ends the newscast with "Stay tuned for the Tinky Winky and Po show"
233 - Commercial Return.jpg
Season 2 Episode 30 Commercial Return "I'm Drew Carey, the fifth Teletubby"
330 - Props.jpg
Season 3 Episode 28 Props "There can't be two gay Teletubbies!"
343 - FTTS.jpg
Season 3 Episode 34 Film & Theater Styles One of the styles is Teletubbies
411 - SFAH Teletubby.jpg
Season 4 Episode 19 Scenes From a Hat: First Drafts of Famous Movie Lines "Ms. Scarlett! I don't know nothing about birthing no Teletubbies"
316 - SFAH.jpg
Season 5 Episode 24 Scenes From a Hat: Bad Things to say after making love "Just like a Teletubby"
7020 - Props.jpg
Season 7 Episode 20 Props "Hm. Teletubby Droppings."
7021 - WW 2.jpg
Season 7 Episode 21 World's Worst "Myself and my army of Teletubbies will air lift everyone to safety"


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