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Titanic mentions on Whose Line

UK Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
UK 205 Titanic Props.jpg
Season 2 Episode 5 Props John Sessions makes a Titanic joke
UK 901 Props.jpg
Season 9 Episode 1 Props "I think we’ve arrived too late, the Titanic’s going under"
Clive 1002.jpg
Season 10 Episode 2 Intro ""Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway?, the improvisation show which makes the sinking of the Titanic look like a mishap in a boating lake"
UK 1005 - WW 2.jpg
Season 10 Episode 5 World's Worst: Lover "I'm The King of The World!"
UK 1007 - Props.jpg
Season 10 Episode 7 Props Phil LaMarr makes a Titanic joke
Clive 1008.jpg
Season 10 Episode 8 Intro "Hello, welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway?, the improvisation show which has been compared to Titanic. That's not the movie, the sinking ship."

US Mentions

Picture Episode Segment Description
Season 1 Episode 5 Props Brad warns of an Iceberg
121 - Props.jpg
Season 1 Episode 16 Props "Is that an Iceberg?"
121 - SFX.jpg
Season 1 Episode 18 Sound FX Colin's scene is Wedding night on The Titanic
205 - PQ.jpg
Season 2 Episode 2 Party Quirks "You should be serving drinks on The Titanic!"
205 - SFAH 1.jpg
205 - SFAH 2.jpg
Season 2 Episode 2 Scenes From a Hat Colin and Brad act out 'Rejected theme songs from the movie Titanic'
201 - WW.jpg
Season 2 Episode 4 World's Worst Drew as James Cameron, references Titanic.
203 - Intro.jpg
Season 2 Episode 6 Intro "And, Woo-hoo he's king of the World! Ryan Stiles"
221 - Song Titles.jpg
Season 2 Episode 9 Song Titles "Theme from Titanic"
223 - SFAH.jpg
Season 2 Episode 13 Scenes From a Hat: Videotapes that won't Sell out at Blockbuster "I'm Queen of The World!"
208 - SFAH 1.jpg
208 - SFAH 2.jpg
208 - SFAH 3.jpg
Season 2 Episode 17 Scenes From a Hat The guys act out "Rejected endings to the movie, Titanic"
340 - Props.jpg
Season 3 Episode 11 Props "I think that's the end of The Titanic!"
309 - Props.jpg
Season 3 Episode 12 Props Wayne and Chip do a Titanic Suggestion
342 - Props 3.jpg
Season 3 Episode 13 Props "Titanic will never Sink! Titanic will never sink!"
328 - SFX.jpg
Season 3 Episode 22 Sound FX Ryan and Colin are a newlywed couple on the Titanic before it hits the iceberg
330 - SWAM.jpg
Season 3 Episode 28 Scene with An Audience Member Ryan, Colin, audience member Molly act out a Titanic scene.
418 - Multiple .jpg
Season 4 Episode 13 Multiple Personalities In a SS Poseidon scene, Ryan confuses it for Titanic. "We hit a bigger berg, than we thought!"
423 - Number of Words.jpg
Season 4 Episode 22 Number of Words All four act out a Titanic scene
519 - SFAH 1.jpg
Season 5 Episode 23 Scenes From a Hat: Unlikely famous movie scenes to be done nude Wayne and Colin do a Titanic Suggestion
426 - SFAH.jpg
Season 5 Episode 32 Scenes From a Hat: Scenes from Famous Hollywood movies as written by Dr. Seuss Jeff does a Dr. Seuss version of Titanic
348 - QO.jpg
Season 6 Episode 3 Questions Only The scene is set on The Titanic
7012 - Ryan Quirk.jpg
Season 7 Episode 12 Let's Make A Date, Credits Ryan bases his quirk on The Titanic, he later reprises his role during the Credits.
8011 - Dead Bodies.jpg
Season 8 Episode 8 Dead Bodies The scene is a Deleted Scene from Titanic
1002 - Living Scenery.jpg
Season 10 Episode 2 Living Scenery The scene is set on The Titanic
Keegan 3 GH.jpg
Season 11 Episode 3 Greatest Hits Colin's Opening Joke is a Titanic reference
US 1207 - WW 2.jpg
US 1207 - WW 3.jpg
Season 12 Episode 7 World's Worst: Actors' showreel or audition tape Wayne and Colin make Titanic Jokes
Director S12 Jillian Ep.jpg
Season 12 Episode 22 Hollywood Director Colin makes a Titanic Joke at the start
SFAH StarWars S15.jpg
Season 15 Episode 9 Scenes From a Hat: If every movie starred characters from Star Wars Colin and Wayne do a Titanic suggestion
1516 - LMAD.jpg
Season 15 Episode 16 Let's Make A Date Jonathan guesses that Colin was aboard the Titanic


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