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Sandi Toksvig participated in the British Version of Whose Line is it Anyway? from 1989-1991. She has acted in many films, such as The Big Read: Little Women (2003), Sweet Nothing (1990), and Paris By Night (1988). Also made an appearence in The Brain Drain (1993) as herself.

Sandi was very memorable in her two seasons on Whose Line. She was a frequent Party Quirks host. She frequently worked with Paul Merton in Musical Producers. She also frequently played Film and Theatre Styles with Mike McShane or Tony Slattery. She also had an original way of playing Gospel - she talked her way through, in an evangelist style.

If the points mattered, Sandi would fall in first place on the UK Series with the most points; she stands at 10 trillion points.

Sandi's appearances (UK)

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