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Scene To Rap was a game played on the British and American editions of Whose Line.

Involving all four performers, Clive Anderson or Drew Carey would get the audience to name a movie or a location. The performers would then perform a scene in that setting, rapping in time to music provided by "Mixmaster" Laura Hall (and sometimes "Jazzy Jay" Linda Taylor).

Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood and Greg Proops tended to be the best at this game, with Ryan Stiles having his moments. Colin Mochrie, despite having improved his Hoedown ability since his earlier appearances on the show, was still comically incapable of maintaining a consistent rhyme scheme, often launching into "dance breaks" instead of finishing his verse. Though Colin definitely lacks polish, he tends to be funnier when he actually finishes his bit than other performers who rap with more skill.


  • Only two raps - the Zoo rap and the Mini-Mart rap - featured an all white cast.
    • Wayne Brady participated in all others except the Cafe rap. Debra Wilson performed in that playing.

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