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Show Stopping Number was a short-lived game performed on the American edition of Whose Line.

The game was played by Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady, with the idea being that the first two would begin a scene, with Wayne joining later. At certain intervals, Drew Carey would buzz and the performers would have to perform a "showstopping Broadway number" beginning with the line they had just said.

In practice, these lines were the most unlikely ones to turn into songs - with the first rendition of this game featuring songs such as "Hey buster, hire my friend" and "Don't fuss with Flecker". One of the most famous renditions, however, featured Wayne as "The Putting Holes In Things Fairy", who had to sing the song "Without a Hole, Where Would You Be?" complete with Colin and Ryan performing Busby Berkley-esque chorus-line moves behind him.


  • In every single playing, Ryan Stiles sung about something that happened earlier in the show as opposed to something related to his line.
    • Infamous verses include "At least I can pronounce the name Howard", "Come on and fluff my Garfield!", "Drew almost choked on an Altoid mint!", and "I crack up when you say tapioca!".

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