Sports Commentators was played on both the British and American versions of Whose Line. Also known as Sportscasters, the game is similar to Hey You Down There, in that two performers mime an activity. Two performers (often including Greg Proops) are sportscasters, commentating on an everyday activity, mimed by two others, usually Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie, in slow motion.

The only time the rules are edited is when Rory Bremner plays, as a sportscaster. He is given the role of someone to impersonate during the game. When the game came to the United States, Drew Carey became one of the commentators in later playings. Despite the suggested activity being very mundane, the actions of the event performed by Ryan & Colin are very violent. And like any sports broadcast, replays are often used, complete with a rewinding tape and freeze-frame. Whenever Greg Proops was featured one of the sportscasters, he would invariably use a line amounting to "It doesn't matter/I don't care (details ranging from where someone's from to how long someone has done something or similar), that's gotta hurt!" Greg Proops would use this type of line as one of the two heads of Fode and Beed, an alien sportscaster covering the podrace in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. That line, for reference, went like this: "I don't care which universe you come from---that's gotta hurt!"


UK Appearances

Series 8: 2 and 5
Series 9: 5, 6, 11, 14, and 15

US Appearances

Season 1: 5 and 15
Season 4: 23
Season 5: 21 and 28
Season 8: 3 and 14

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