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Stephen Fry appeared on the British edition of Whose Line.

One of Britain's most successful comic actors, Stephen's appearances came in the earlier episodes when the show was simultaneously trying to appear high-brow and accessible. His talents were more in relation to the former, although his rendition of "English Farce" in Film and Theatre Styles with fellow legend Peter Cook in which Stephen pulled his trousers down clearly demonstrates that he could do low-brow as well.

Stephen's greatest talent tended to be in bravely continuing a scene where others would have given up. His appearance with Josie Lawrence in Every Other Line, where she was reading the script and he was trying to book flight tickets (and having to finish the scene with the words "It's not as small as it looks") is a prime example of this. Another unusual moment was his remark to Josie of "Would you get your hand off my f-ing knee?" in Daytime Talk Show.

Interestingly, Stephen's inability to sing did not stop him from appearing in Hoedowns and Raps. He was in fact allowed to perform a sort of spoken word monologue - something which nobody else was allowed to do before or since.

Stephen's appearances (UK)

  • Series 1: Episodes 3, 10, 11 and 12
  • Series 9: Episodes 4, 11 and 12