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Superheroes was a game played on both the American and British editions of Whose Line.

The game involved all four performers, with the first one having his (or her) superhero character decided by the audience, as well as the world crisis to solve (in some early British episodes, the crisis involved the superheroes trapped somewhere). The other performers would enter progressively and help solve the crisis, with the previous superhero naming the new one. The object was to solve the crisis using the skills of the superheroes, although in practice many crises were left unsolved.

One famous superhero on the British edition was "No Need To Help Leave Straightaway Man", the name given to Colin Mochrie by Steve Frost. By the time the game had crossed the Atlantic, however, the superhero names were increasingly bizarre, featuring such creations as "Giggling Nipple Tweak Man" and "Constantly Gets Hit By A Car Boy" (Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady respectively).

One of the most famous superhero names was "Captain Hair" (Given to Colin as a way to mock his baldness).