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Title Sequence was a game played briefly on the American edition of Whose Line.

The game involved all four performers. The audience would be asked to name an unlikely pair (giving rise to pairings such as "Satan and the Schoolgirl", "Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky" and "Napoleon and the Bartender"), and the singers (Wayne Brady and either Brad Sherwood or Chip Esten) would then sing the opening title song for the "hit sitcom" featuring these unlikely characters. During this process, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles would act as the characters, much in the manner of American sitcom introductions.

One of the more interesting games of Title Sequence began with the audience suggestion of "Bill Cosby and Hitler". This didn't sit well with one of the on-set censors, who immediately walked over to Drew Carey's desk and requested a change of character. The result was "Bill Cosby and the Insurance Salesman", in which Ryan, who assumed the role of Bill Cosby, managed to sneak a Nazi salute. The entire cast, apparently indignant that a suggestion was censored, continued making references to Hitler throughout the episode, down to the last verse of the Hoedown.

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