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  • Introductions
    • "The love star," Brad Sherwood
    • "America's Sweetheart," Kathy Kinney
    • "Canada's favorite TV dad," Colin Mochrie
    • "Mr. Tall and Goofy himself," Ryan Stiles


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Kathy - bachelorette
    • Brad - Stressed out hairdresser
    • Colin - Giving birth
    • Ryan - Loudmouthed sports fan in the bleachers

  • Sound Effects (I)
    • Performers - Ryan provides the sounds for Colin
    • Scene - Colin is the Lone Ranger, and he finds out that outlaws have hijacked a speeding train.

  • Daytime Talk Show
    • Performers - Brad as the host, Kathy and Ryan as guests, Colin in the audience
    • Subject - The Three Little Pigs (fairy tale)

  • [commercial break]

  • Props
    • Performers - Brad and Colin on one team, Ryan and Kathy on the other

  • Helping Hands
    • Performers - Brad and Ryan, with Ryan's hands provided by Colin
    • Scene - Ryan is a lovesick Italian pizza maker

  • Hoedown
    • Performers - Brad, Kathy, Colin, Ryan
    • Subject - Getting your pizza late (something about modern life that annoys you)

  • [commercial break]

  • 90 Second Alphabet
    • Scene - Ryan is Zorro, who finally catches up with the villian, played by Drew.
    • Starting letter - Q


  • Let's Make a Date - 50 points a piece
  • Sound Effects - Drew awards points "according to shoe size"
  • Props - 100 points for Brad


  • Ryan Stiles "Lewis from The Drew Carey Show"

Game Times

  • Let's Make a Date - (3:41)
  • Sound Effects - (1:57)
  • Daytime Talk Show - (2:40)
  • Props - (1:01)
  • Helping Hands - (2:15)
  • Hoedown - (1:27)
  • 90 Second Alphabet - (1:34)

Recurring Themes

  • Ryan's Shoes - After Sound FX, Drew awards points according to shoe size and congratulates Ryan.
  • Canada - Colin's Intro, "Canada's favorite TV dad,"

Games Debuted

  • Helping Hands (Series Debut)


Trivial Highlights

  • This is the first time and only time, in the US version, Brad Sherwood is seen playing Helping Hands
  • This episode is incorrectly labeled as Season 1 Episode 1 on CWSeed

Episode Quotables

Reviews from The Archives

  • Dean's guide review from The Idiotsite
    • Best Game: Hard to beat the dating game.
    • Worst Game: The talk show is silly and heads nowhere.
    • Drew's best bit: Struggles on at Alphabet.
    • Brad's best bit: Some good moments as a stressed hairdresser.
    • Kathy's best bit: A pretty good Hoedown for a newcomer.
    • Colin's best bit: The date scene sees Colin's face at it's rubbery best.
    • Ryan's best bit: Takes over the Helping Hands scene nicely.
    • Credits should have been read by: Colin, up to his usual high standards here.
    • Should have stayed home and pumped up the car tyres: it's fun to watch Kathy, but she isn't quite as good as the others.
    • Overall: Some very funny moments, but probably not enough of them.

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