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  • Introductions
    • "The man who put the 'wood' in 'Sherwood,'" Brad Sherwood
    • "The illegitimate son of Mike and Carol," Wayne Brady
    • "Say it loud, he's bald and proud," Colin Mochrie
    • "The cute Beatle," Ryan Stiles


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Brad - bachelorette
    • Wayne - Charismatic politician running for governor
    • Colin - Thinks Brad is absolutely repulsive
    • Ryan - Astronaut with an alien inside of him

  • Film TV and Theatre Styles
    • Scene - Colin suspects his rival, Ryan, of cheating in a fly fishing competition.
    • Styles used - western, disaster, porno
    • Styles heard by Drew but not used - Shakespeare, mime, one-man show
    • Other style suggested - Kabuki

  • Duet
    • Performers - Wayne and Brad
    • Subject - Alicia, student of music
    • Style - Swing song - Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. type

  • [commercial break]

  • Weird Newscasters
    • Brad - "Chuck Sirloin"
    • Colin - Kid showing off in class
    • Wayne - "Frank Clam Chowder" - Teenager who can't believe he's being dumped by his girlfriend
    • Ryan - "Al Niño" - Getting younger and younger

  • Moving People
    • Performers - Colin and Ryan
    • Participants - Katie and Lacey
    • Scene - Colin is an outlaw robbing Ryan's stagecoach.

  • Scene to Rap
    • Performers - Brad and Wayne start, Ryan then Colin enter later
    • Subject - Summer Camp (everyday place where people work)
    • Other suggestions not heard by Drew - bank, restaurant

  • [commercial break]

  • 90 Second Alphabet
    • Scene - Drew is in a restaurant complaining to temperamental waiter Ryan.
    • Starting letter - G


  • "Hey, we have a big score from the last round. If you're watching a TV that's made in America, it'll appear right in the bottom of your screen."
  • Let's Make a Date - 100 points to Colin
  • Film TV and Theatre Styles - 100 points to Ryan
  • Weird Newscasters - Non-scoring round


  • Ryan Stiles

Game Times

  • Let's Make a Date - (2:50)
  • Film TV and Theatre Styles - (1:50)
  • Duet - (1:25)
  • Weird Newscasters - (2:21)
  • Moving People - (2:10)
  • Scene to Rap - (1:42)
  • 90 Second Alphabet - (1:33)

Recurring Themes

  • The Brady Bunch - Drew's Intro for Wayne
  • Colin's Baldness - Drew's Intro for Colin
  • Weird Newscasters stories - "Vice President Al Gore was at a fund raiser today where he walked around in women's lingerie for charity purposes. People say he looked good in a pink slip."
  • Political Satire
    • Wayne's a Politician running for Governor in Let's Make a Date.
    • Brad's top story in Weird Newscasters.
  • References to The Muppets - Brad guesses Jim Henson as Ryan's Quirk

Games Debuted

  • Film and Theater Styles (Series Debut)
  • Duet (Series Debut)
  • Moving People (Series Deubt)
  • Scene To Rap (Series Debut)
  • 90 Second Alphabet (Series Debut)


Trivial Highlights

  • This Episode comes from the same taping as US-8019
  • 90 Second Alphabet had a blooper released on the DVD set -- Right after Drew says "Don't you deny it" -- Ryan mistakenly skips a letter. In the episode right after Drew's line, a new ending(pickup) was edited in

Episode Quotatables

  • "I feel like the meat in an incompetent sandwich." -Brad

Reviews From The Archives

  • Dean's guide from the Idiotsite
    • Best Game: The Weird Newscasters game has a frenetic energy to it.
    • Worst Game: FTTS has it's moments, but not many of them.
    • Drew's best bit: Keeps up pretty well with the Master Blaster in Alphabet.
    • Brad's best bit: A great singer in his Duet.
    • Wayne's best bit: Could surely get a rap career: what a genius.
    • Colin's best bit: I loved him as the kid showing off in class.
    • Ryan's best bit: Reprises an old quirk in Weird Newscasters, ending as a sperm.
    • Credits should have been read by: Wayne is on fire in this ep, with opportunities to show his full range of skills.
    • Should have stayed home and fallen off a log: Colin seemed quiet.
    • Overall: The sort of WL show that is comforting but doesn't amuse the horses

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