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  • Introductions
    • "His name rhymes with Gerwood," Brad Sherwood
    • "Her names rhymes with yo mama," Karen Maruyama
    • "His names rhymes with orange'," Colin Mochrie
    • "The world's tallest short guy," Ryan Stiles


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Bachelorette: Karen
      • Brad - An Amish guy
      • Colin - In the dentist's chair
      • Ryan - Gradually turning into a parrot

  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Brad
    • Musician: Laura
    • About: Neroshi, a student of Political Science and Economics
    • Style: Rock love ballad

  • Daytime Talk Show
    • Host: Brad
    • Guests: Ryan and Karen
    • Audience members: Colin
    • Topic: Alice in Wonderland

  • [commercial break]

  • Props
    • Performers - Brad and Karen on one side, Ryan and Colin on the other
  • Film Dub
    • Performers: Ryan, Karen and Colin
    • Scene: One day in the West
    • Film: Teenage Monster (1958)

  • Sportscasters
    • Sportscasters: Brad and Karen
    • Athletes: Ryan and Colin
    • Scene: Rival waiters
  • Hoedown
    • Performers - Brad, Karen, Colin, Ryan
    • Subject: Tourists or Kids at the Movie Theater (Something about modern life that annoys you)

  • [commercial break]

  • Stand Sit Bend
    • Performers: Drew, Colin and Ryan
    • Scene: Having a showdown in a Wild West saloon


  • Let's Make a Date - 1000 Points to Karen
  • Song Styles - 100 points to Brad for Pacific Oshee
  • Props - Points were going to go to Brad, but he gave Drew a dirty look
  • Film Dub - 100 Points to Colin since he doesn't get to talk about perms often


  • Ryan and Colin

Game Times

Recurring Themes

  • Political Satire - Karen in Let's Make A Date. "If I were Monica Lewinsky, where would you take me?"
  • References to Titanic - In Props "Iceberg! Cling, Cling!"
  • References to Elvis - In Props - Ryan does an Elvis impression
  • References to Star Trek
  • The Wonderful World of Disney References - Brad imitates Mickey Mouse in Props, Daytime Talk Show covers Alice in Wonderland, and Colin mentions Bambi in Hoedown.
  • Colin's Baldness - After Film Dub, Drew awards Colin points as he doesn't get to talk about perms often

Games Debuted

  • Song Styles - Series Debut
  • Daytime Talk Show - Series Debut
  • Film Dub - Series Debut
  • Sportscasters - Series Debut
  • Hoedown - Series Debut
  • Stand Sit Lie - Series Debut


Episode Quotables

Trivial Highlights

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