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  • Introductions
    • "Whatever you do, don't step in him!" Greg Proops
    • "If you're a lady you gotta love," Wayne Brady
    • "Science experiment gone wrong," Colin Mochrie
    • "and his fiendish creator," Ryan Stiles


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Greg - bachelorette
    • Wayne - The greatest lover in France
    • Colin - Going through all the stages of getting drunk
    • Ryan - Pig farmer from Arkansas

  • Scene To Rap
    • Performers - Wayne and Greg, Ryan then Colin enter later
    • Subject - Hospital

  • Hats
    • Performers - Greg and Wayne on one side, Colin and Ryan on the other

  • [commercial break]

  • Weird Newscasters
    • Greg - "Packed Tightly"
    • Colin - Can no longer hide his love for the anchorman
    • Wayne- James Brown
    • Ryan- The anchor's angry neighbor

  • Greatest Hits
    • Performers - Ryan and Colin introduce songs, Wayne sings
    • Subject - Bus Driver (profession you wouldn't normally sing songs about)
      • Song 1 - Michael Jackson - "You're Not on My Route"
      • Song 2 - Country Western - "Pffft"
      • Song 3 - 80's Funk - "I've Got a Flat Tire, I've Got a Flat Tire"
  • [commercial break]


  • Let's Make A Date - 1000 Points to Ryan for reading Drew's Mind
  • Scene To Rap - 1000 Points for Wayne
  • Weird Newscasters - A Million and a Half points to Colin for kissing Greg Proops.


  • Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles

Recurring Themes

  • Weird Newscasters stories - "Drunken pigs have taken over the town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi."
  • Clinton Jokes - Wayne dons a President Clinton mask in Hats and says "I'm looking for a girl who can keep her mouth shut."
  • What Greatest Hits interrupts - "Hi. We interrupt the commercial to bring you another commercial."
  • Political Satire
    • In Hats, Greg does an Abraham Lincoln joke.
    • Also in Hats; Wayne imitates Bill Clinton, mask included.
  • Kissing - Colin and Greg share a kiss in Weird Newscasters

Games Debuted

  • Newsflash (Series Debut)


Trivial Highlights

  • This episode is from the same taping as episode US-107
  • The video from Newsflash has been used before; back on the UK Series S9E04
  • Only airing of Drew playing Newsflash

Episode Quotables

Reviews from The Archives

  • Dean's Guide from The Idiotsite
    • Best Game: The Greatest Hits scene deserves to be regarded as a classic, especially the song in which Wayne uses no words.
    • Worst Game: Hats looks stale here with Greg reduced to doing a Drew impression and Wayne wearing a Clinton mask.
    • Drew's best bit: His Newsflash scene is worth a giggle.
    • Greg's best bit: I enjoyed his reactions in Weird Newscasters.
    • Wayne's best bit: Clearly Greatest Hits.
    • Colin's best bit: His passion for Greg, tis moving.
    • Ryan's best bit: His pig farmer will have you hooting with laughter.
    • Credits should have been read by: Wayne! The others are good but if he was a Pom he would get a knighthood for his Greatest Hits performance.
    • Should have stayed home and painted the house: Greg is again under-utilised.
    • Overall: Great stuff, some very funny scenes here, one of the better of the US series.

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