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  • Introductions
    • "The other white meat," Greg Proops
    • "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman," Wayne Brady
    • "I can't believe he's not butter," Colin Mochrie
    • "Cats ask for him by name," Ryan Stiles


  • Superheroes
    • Greg - Fruit and Vegetable Man
      • Crisis - Frizzy hair
    • Ryan - Ice Hockey Kid
    • Colin - Irate Film Director Boy
    • Wayne - Playful Licking Puppy Boy

  • Song Styles
    • Performer: Wayne
    • Jennifer, a student of English literature

  • Weird Newscasters
    • Colin - "Wolverine St. Jack John"
    • Greg - "Twice Nightly - A Gremlin
    • Wayne - An emotional preacher at a funeral
    • Ryan - "Jigs McKenzie" - Being attacked by ferocious animals

  • [commercial break]

  • Greatest Hits
    • Performers - Ryan and Colin introduce songs, Wayne sings
    • Subject - Lifegaurd (profession you wouldn't normally sing songs about)
      • Song 1 - Gospel - "Shark! Shark! I Think I See a Shark!"
      • Song 2 - Salsa - "Son of a Beach!"
      • Song 3 - Lounge hit - "Blublublublub"

  • Party Quirks
    • Greg - Host
    • Wayne - Aging rapidly
    • Colin - The many roles of Charlton Heston
    • Ryan - Eagle struggling to pick up heavy things

  • [commercial break]

  • Questions Only
    • Performers - Drew (teamed with Colin) and Wayne (teamed with Ryan) start
    • Scene - A tourist hotel is about to turn into the towering inferno


  • Superheroes - 100 Points to Everyone, but minus 1000 to Colin for mentioning Pauly Shore
  • Song Styles - A Million Points to Wayne
  • Greatest Hits - 1000 Points for Laura Hall


  • Greg Proops

Game Times

Recurring Themes

  • Weird Newscasters stories - "Our top story: An infinite amount of monkeys came up with the FOX fall line-up." and "This just in: nine out of ten dentists agree the tenth one should really chill out."
  • What Greatest Hits interrupts - "Hi. We'll be back to your movie, 'The Buns of Navarone' in just a minute"

Games Debuted

  • Superheroes (Series Debut)
  • Questions Only (Series Deubt)


Trivial Highlights

This episode was made from the same taping as US-340

  • Listen closely during Party Quirks as Ryan uses his Quirk to pick on Drew
    • Drew through laughter "I'm gonna kill you (2x), you're a dead man, you're f*cked up" -- The censors never caught that!
  • This episode is incorrectly labeled as Season 1 Episode 5 on CWSeed

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