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  • Performers
    • Greg Proops, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles

  • Introductions
    • "International super-villain," Greg Proops
    • "Sultry double agent," Wayne Brady
    • "Baby-faced assassin," Colin Mochrie
    • "A man known only as 'The Puma'," Ryan Stiles


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Wayne - Bachelorette
    • Greg - President Clinton
    • Colin - Gradually being eaten by soldier ants
    • Ryan - A masochist

  • Film Theater and Television Styles
    • Scene - Greg is a farmer who comes to complain to Ryan, a neighboring farmer, about some giant killer bees coming from his barn
    • Styles used - Horror, Kabuki, Elvis, Sesame Street, Greek tragedy
    • Styles heard by Drew but not used - Pornography
    • Other style suggested - B-Movie

  • Hats
    • Performers - Greg and Wayne on one side, Colin and Ryan on the other

  • [commercial break]

  • Weird Newscasters
    • Colin - "Burn Nightly"
    • Greg - Captain Kirk
    • Wayne - On a video tape that's speeding up and slowing down
    • Ryan - "Skippy Bartholomew" - An excited rock star in front of a big crowd

  • Greatest Hits
    • Performers - Ryan and Colin introduce songs, Wayne sings
    • Subject - Postal Worker (profession you wouldn't normally sing songs about)
      • Song 1 - Latin - "Mail"
      • Song 2 - 40's Boogie Woogie - "Put It in the Slot"
      • Song 3 - Tina Turner - "Hey Man, Tie Up Your Dog"

  • [commercial break]

  • Helping Hands
    • Performers - Ryan and Drew, with Ryan's hands provided by Colin
    • Scene - Ryan is a pet care guru teaching Drew how to look after his dog


  • Let's Make a Date - Deduct 100 points from Ryan
  • Film and Theater Styles - 2000 Points to Greg and Ryan
  • Weird Newscasters - 500 points to everybody


Ryan and Colin

Game Times

Recurring Themes

  • Clinton jokes - Greg's does a spot on Bill Clinton in Let's Make A Date
  • Political Satire
    • In Let's Make A Date, Greg is Bill Clinton
    • In Hats, Colin becomes Abraham Lincoln with mask included
  • Drew Carey Show references
    • In Hats, Greg imitates Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.
    • In Greatest Hits, Ryan welcomes viewers watching 'The 24 Hour Drew Carey network'
    • In Helping Hands, Ryan in character mentions to Drew that he watches the show all the time; and expresses his love for Mimi and his own character on the show.
  • Network Jabs - Ryan dubs ABC 'The 24 Hour Drew Carey Network'
  • Weird Newscasters stories - "Our top story today: a national study shows that balding men make the best lovers."
  • What Greatest Hits interrupts - "Hi. We'll return you to the 24-Hour Drew Carey Network in just a moment, but first..."


Trivial Highlights

  • This episode is from the same taping as episode US-8007

Episode Quotables