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  • Performers
    • Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles

  • Introductions
    • "Keep out of reach of children" Brad Sherwood
    • "Use only as directed" Wayne Brady
    • "Do not use while operating heavy machinery" Colin Mochrie
    • "May cause stomach bleeding" Ryan Stiles


  • Hollywood Director
    • Performers - Colin as the director; Wayne, Ryan, Brad as the actors
    • Scene - Wayne is a store detective. He's in a pet shop. He suspects Ryan of shoplifting. Brad is the police officer who's been called to the scene.
    • Styles used - Elvis, backwards, catty Vegas showgirls
  • Infomercial
    • Performers - Ryan and Colin
    • Subject - acne (personal problem that you would have that would be improved by a miracle product)

  • [commercial break]

  • Party Quirks
    • Brad - host
  • Title Sequence
    • Performers - Wayne and Brad sing, Colin and Ryan mime
    • Title - George Washington (famous person) and the Ventriloquist (occupation)

  • [commercial break]

  • Helping Hands
    • Performers - Drew and Ryan, with Ryan's hands provided by Colin
    • Scene - Ryan is the bad-tempered owner of an ice cream parlor, teaching his new soda jerk, Drew, how to make the ultimate ice cream sundae.

  • [commercial break]

  • Reading the Credits
    • Performers - Brad, Wayne, Colin, Ryan
    • Style - animals charging the camera


  • None Awarded


  • Wayne Brady

Game Times

  • Hollywood Director - (3:52)
  • Infomercial - (3:41)
  • Party Quirks - (2:51)
  • Title Sequence - (0:59)
  • Helping Hands - (3:39)

Recurring Themes

  • Points comparisons - "That's right, the points are just like how good a tennis player Anne Kournikova really is."
  • Hollywood Director Crap - "William Shakespeare said 'All the world's a stage,' I say you are crap!"
  • References to The Wizard of Oz - Colin describes one of the objects in Infomercial: "Why it looks like something the Tin Man had lost."
  • Political Satire - Title Sequence was full of it
  • References to The Drew Carey Show - Ryan says to Drew, "I used to watch your show. Should've saved some money."
  • The Wonderful World of Disney References - In Helping Hands; "Looks like Walt Disney threw up!"
  • References to The Muppets - Wayne starts chanting "Animal! Animal!" towards the end of the Credits.


Trivial Highlights

  • This episode is from the same taping as episodes US-431 and US-7007
  • Despite being sung in Title Sequence, Washington did not sign the Declaration of Independence

Reviews from The Archives

  • Dean's guide review from the Idiotsite:
    • Best Game: It's very hard to top Hollywood Director here. It is hilarious from beginning to end, with all 4 having good parts, including Wayne's good Elvis, Brad wearing a chair on his head, Colin doing a nice Elvis dance and Ryan gulping down fish.
    • Worst Game: Title Sequence slows down the show a tad. The concepts the audience yells don't work.
    • Drew's Best Bit: Making fun of Wayne about how hard hosting is when Wayne has difficulty reading the card for Helping Hands.
    • Brad's Best Bit: Probably charging into the Hollywood Director scene and yelling "LAPD!!!" and beating up Wayne instead of Ryan.
    • Wayne's Best Bit: His Elvis is surprisingly good... actually probably the best of the three.
    • Colin's Best Bit: When he is trying to attach the jumper cables to certain parts of his anatomy in Informercial..."My nipples aren't cold enough".
    • Ryan's Best Bit: This is a little thing, but especially enjoyed the inside humor in Helping Hands when he admits that the ice cream he just ate is GOOD.
    • Credits should have been read by: It's really hard to choose from Colin and Ryan here since both have excellent shows but I'll pick the taller one just because I haven't in awhile. He has that sparkle in his eye in this episode, which he's been lacking in recent series.
    • Should have stayed home and considered the matter from a hippopotamus's point of view: Brad didn't have a particularly good show, including quite possibly the worst Elvis I've ever seen...what was that?
    • Overall: A A very good show with some good game selection. It's pleasing to see that they've moved away from some of the overplayed games of the last few years, especially Let's Make a Date and Greatest Hits.

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