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  • Performers
    • Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles


  • Introductions
    • "My other car is" Brad Sherwood
    • "It's eleven o'clock, do you know where Wayne Brady is?"
    • "If you see him rockin', don't come a-knockin'," Colin Mochrie
    • "Honk if you're horny," Ryan Stiles


  • Daytime Talk Show
    • Performers - Brad hosts, Wayne and Ryan are the guests, Colin is in the audience
    • Subject - Noah's Ark (Bible story from the old testament)

  • Sound Effects (I)
    • Performers - Ryan provides the sounds for Colin
    • Scene - Colin is Indiana Jones trying to find an ancient treasure in a booby-trapped cave.

  • Scene to Rap
    • Performers - Wayne and Brad start, Ryan then Colin enter later
    • Subject - Trainwreck (kind of disaster you might make a movie about).

  • Ice Skaters
    • Performers - Ryan and Colin
    • Scene - Getting up in the morning.

  • [Commercial break]

  • Improbable Mission
    • Performers - Brad is the voice on the tape, Ryan and Colin are the agents
    • Subject - mowing the lawn (everyday activity that gets you out of the house)

  • Dead Bodies
    • Performers - Colin controls Ryan, the participant, then Wayne
    • Participant - Julie
    • Scene - It's the deleted scene from "Titanic". Jack (Ryan) is drawing Rose (audience member Julie) in the nude when her fiancé Wayne bursts in to announce that they just struck an iceberg.

  • [Commercial break]

  • Questions Only
    • Performers - Drew and Colin on one side, Wayne and Ryan on the other
    • Scene - Tension breaks out in the gangster world of 1930s Chicago.


  • Sound Effects - 1,000 points to Colin for not spitting on the microphone.


  • Brad Sherwood

Recurring Themes

Trivial Highlights

  • This episode was from the same taping as episode US-119 and US-121.

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