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  • Performers
    • Greg Proops, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  • Introductions
    • "I just met a girl named Maria," Greg Proops
    • "When you're a Jet," Wayne Brady
    • "I like to be in Amer-i-ca," Colin Mochrie
    • "I feel pretty," Ryan Stiles


  • Award Show
    • Performers - Greg and Wayne introduce winners Ryan and Colin Theme - Criminals

  • Newsflash
    • Performers - Colin in the field, Greg and Ryan in the studio On the green screen - action movie explosions

  • Irish Drinking Song
    • Performers - Wayne, Greg, Colin, Ryan
    • Subject - Hairy back (something that happened to you or might happen to you that you'd want to keep secret)

  • [commercial break]

  • Hats
    • Performers - Greg and Wayne on one side, Ryan and Colin on the other

  • Film Dub
    • Performers - Greg, Colin, and Ryan Scene - The morning after a big party

  • Greatest Hits
    • Performers - Ryan and Colin introduce songs, Wayne sings
    • Subject - Nurse (what you wanted to be when you grew up)
    • Suggestion heard by Drew - prostitute
    • Other suggestion - teacher
      • Song 1 - Earth Wind and Fire - "It's Not That Kind of Thermometer"
      • Song 2 - Mariachi - "Turn and Cough"

  • [commercial break]

  • World's Worst
    • Performers - Greg, Drew, Colin, Ryan
    • Subject - World's Worst Hitchhikers to Give a Ride To

  • [commercial break]

  • Reading the Credits
    • Performers - Greg and Wayne Style
    • Style - Two army officers deciding who is going into battle.


  • Hats - 1000 Points to the Censor


  • Wayne Brady

Game Times

Recurring Themes


Trivial Highlights

  • This episode comes from the same taping as, US-307, US-326, and US-332.
  • The Intros are reused from episode US-332
  • Drew's point comparison is reused from episode US-326
  • Drew's return from commercial joke (Before Hats) is reused from US-307
  • Ryan's express mail and Wayne's Mountie suggestions from Hats were reused from episode US-326
  • The Greatest Hits suggestion segment is reused from US-307

Episode Quotables