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Games and Bits left unaired

Core of The Show

  • Hollywood Director - Aired US-520
    • Unaired Styles: Horseplay in The Locker Room, Performers in Stomp, and Famous TV Characters

  • Sound FX
    • Performers: Ryan & Colin
    • Scene: Pirates Ryan and Colin make merry on the deck when they spot a Spanish galleon which holds the kings booty.

  • Greatest Hits - Aired US-517
    • Unaired Styles
      • The Backstreet Boys
      • Doo Wop
      • Pearl Jam
      • Incoherent Blues
      • Rap

  • Title Sequence
    • Performers - Wayne and Brad sing, Colin and Ryan act out
    • Title - George Washington the Peanut Vendor

Drew Games

  • Quick Change
    • Scene: Brad's first day on the job with owner Colin when ruffian Ryan enters to cause trouble. Drew calls Change

Credit Readings

  • Second reading with Florence Henderson
  • All Four in a Treehouse


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