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Games and Bits left unaired

Core of The Show

  • Weird Newscasters - Aired US-514
    • Unaired Quirks
      • Kathy - Colin's Bitter Ex Wife (Filmed in Pickups)
      • Wayne - Don King selling his improve your sex life video (Filmed initial part of the show)
  • Let's Make a Date
    • Kathy - Bachelorette
    • Wayne - Blind Blues farmer singing to his cows as he milks them.
    • Colin - Aggressive car salesman that tires to sell his new models Wayne and Ryan.
    • Ryan - An older prostitute desperately trying to keep her job in the old west brothel.
  • Greatest Hits -
    • Wayne & Kathy Sing
    • Songs of The Circus
    • Styles:
      • Irish Jig
      • Boogie Woogie
      • Rockabilly
      • Punk
      • Heavy Metal
      • Blues

Drew Games

Credit Readings

  • Second reading with Miss America


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