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Markiplier and Whose Line

Mark has made it no secret that he's a true blue Whose Line fan, he's all the moments he's mentioned or incorporated the show into his work.

Picture Video Date Description
King of the Squirrels January 23, 2013 Mark claims title of King of The Squirrels. Direct reference to Brad's suggestion of 'Rejected Endings to Titanic' in Scenes From a Hat from US-208.
King of the Squirrels Returns March 26, 2015 The reference makes a comeback
Markiplier SFX 1.jpg
Sound Effects Challenge May 31, 2015 On Matthias' channel, Mark, Tyler, Matthias and Wade play a couple rounds of Whose Line game, Sound FX.
Markiplier SFX.jpg
Sound Effects Challenge January 15, 2016 Mark with Matthias, Ryan and Matt attempt a couple of rounds of Whose Line game, Sound FX
RAGE BUILDING | Mario Maker #12 January 21, 2016 Mark expresses his love of Whose Line, and gets into talking about improv during the gameplay. The talk extends into Episode 13.
Markiplier Quiz #2 June 28, 2016 Mark immediately claims the King of The Squirrels title on the quiz
Whose Line? December 8, 2016 All Five participate in three rounds of the game Whose Line, all lines were Twitter submitted.
  • Scene One: Tyler and Mark
  • Scene Two: Bob and Ethan
  • Scene Three: Mark & Wade
CHANGE December 17, 2016 All Five participate in four rounds of Quick Change.
  • Scene One: Mark & Wade. Tyler calls change.
  • Scene Two: Wade & Ethan. Mark calls change.
  • Scene Three: Bob & Tyler. Ethan calls change.
  • Scene Four: Bob & Ethan. Tyler calls change.
Improv Funny Bits January 14, 2017 Mark hosts round of Whose Line and Quick Change.
Markiplier TV May 5, 2017 Mark turns the King of The Squirrels reference into a full fledge character
Markiplier's 'You're Welcome Tour' 2017-2018 Tour adapted many improv elements as seen on Whose Line.
Mark Quick Change 2.jpg
CHANGE #2 March 1, 2018 Mark conducts a 'You're Welcome' version of Quick Change
  • Scene One: Mark & Bob. Wade calls change.
  • Scene Two: Bob & Dan Ring(Tour Musician). Mark calls change.
  • Scene Three: Ethan, Wade, and Mark. Tyler calls change.
How Well Does My Mom Know Me? May 29, 2018 Mark quizzes his Mother on his favorite show.
the DEMONETIZATION card | UNO August 24, 2019 Mark, Wade, and Bob start engaging in an round of cheesy insults. Mark is reminded of Colin's brain farts in 'If You Know What I Mean'